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Terms and Conditions for Business

Terms and Conditions for Business

General terms and conditions for the use of the platform "auto-deal.eu", hereinafter termed  "Provider".

The following terms and conditions of use apply to all user s of the platform "auto-deal.eu".


§ 1 Subject

Auto-deal.eu is a platform on which vehicles can be offered  for sale free of charge. After registration, interested parties can contact the vendor and make an offer. The vendor  is not obliged to conclude a sales contract.

Both consumers and companies can make offers or avail themselves of such offers. All users must be legally capable of conducting business without restrictions.

Purchase contracts for vehicles can always be concluded exclusively between the users in accordance with the general rules of civil law, i.e. through offer and acceptance of the offer. Advertising a vehicle odes not in itself comprise a legally binding offer to conclude a purchase contract but a request to interested parties to make a binding offer. The offer of a price by means of the functions available comprises a legally binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.

Under no circumstances is the Provider a contracted party, an  agent or envoy. The Provider bears no liability for the correctness or the comprehensiveness of the details on the vendors  or the vehicles in the advertisement.


§ 2 Registration and membership

To make an offer registration is required. Here, personal data such as name/first name,  e-mail address are to be entered. Furthermore, the user must state if the use is for private or commercial purposes. Registration is free of charge. It shall state whether  use is for private or business purposes.

A legal right to the use of auto-deal.eu does not exist. The Provider reserves the right to refuse the registration of a user or delete user accounts already created, especially if these terms of service are breached or false details are provided upon registration. The Provider  also reserves the right to make commercial accounts accessible only after proof of proper business registration.

Membership of auto-deal.eu can be terminated at any time without regard to deadlines by deleting the account. With the deletion of the account all active listings will be deleted. The legal validity of  offers already submitted  or closed sales contracts remain unaffected.


§ 3 Rights and obligations of the user

Clients using auto-deal.eu for private purposes (Consumer), may only offer one vehicle at any one time. The latter may only offer second-hand and accident vehicles. Commercial offers of vehicles using a user account will lead immediately to deletion of the account.  

Users who are registered as companies may offer an unlimited number of vehicles. Companies are obliged when making such offers to comply with the legal requirements for companies, in particular in regard to provision of publication details and provisions governing the "Fernabsatzrecht" (German Remote Purchase Law).

The following applies to all offers:

Offers can be made for  a maximum duration of 14 days. Following this period the advertisement will be deleted automatically. Re-advertisement is possible.

Vendors must render a true account of the state of the vehicles, in particular existing defects, vehicles which are no longer rad worthy on account of defects and which represent a risk to life and link may only be offered as defective or accident vehicles.

The details stated in the contract are to be listed for each offer and in particularly but not conclusively the price, number of previous owners, kilometers or accident history etc.

The Provider reserves the right to delete offers which risk damaging the reputation of auto-deal.eu. No legal claim to insertion of an advertisement exists.


§ 4  Advertising ban, third party rights and exemption
Without the express consent of the provider offer descriptions, in addition to the personal information of the user or company data, should  not contain advertising in the form of text, graphics or links. The simple specification of an e-mail address and website as part of company details, is permitted. No special rate telephone numbers may be used.

Users have to consider foreign brands and copyrights, and must not violate the rules of fair competition.

The user agrees to release the Provider from third-party claims of any kind resulting from the illegality of content/offers. The indemnification also includes the obligation to free  in full the Provider from legal costs (e. g. court and legal costs).

Each user has to store his credentials carefully and protect from unauthorized access.


§ 5 Valuation

Consumers who purchase a vehicle from a commercial  can evaluate the latter after the transaction. Valuations must be justified objectively. The provider reserves the right to remove valuations if they are improper or contain false statements of fact.


§ 6 Warranty and liability of the Provider

The Provider merely makes available the technical platform for inserting offers.

He does not assume any responsibility for the conclusion of contracts between users and the fulfillment these agreements by the respective users.

The provider bears no liability for breach of contract of any kind between the users, for the accuracy and completeness of offers and the identity of users.

It is therefore the duty of every user to check before or upon conclusion of a contract, the identity of the contracting party.

The provider bears no liability of any kind for breach of contract between the users,

The above disclaimer does not apply to

a) damage arising from injury to life, limb or health, based on the negligence  of the provider or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of the seller or

b) damage caused by  gross negligence of  the supplier or from  intentional or gross negligence by a legal representative or agent of the provider.


§ 7 Right of amendment

The Provider reserves the right to change or limit the services offered by  auto-deal.eu. Furthermore, the Provider reserves the right to offer in full or in part the services provided.


§ 8 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between provider and user  is the law of the Republic of Poland, excluding the United Nations Purchase Law. This does not apply to consumers  to the extent that the protection afforded  by mandatory provisions of law of the State in which the consumer has his habitual residence is waived.

The location for all legal disputes arising under the contract is the business place of the vendor, in as far as the client acts as entrepreneur, or a public sector fund or a legal person under public law.

Regarding contractual relationships by users among themselves  the applicable law and jurisdiction is in accordance with international and national rules of civil procedure.


Privacy policy

Personal data on this website will only be collected for necessary technical reasons or when you yourself have submitted data. We will never release collected data to any third party.


1. Data collection and processing when registering

The Provider collects and stores the information you entered during the registration data .Only those data are collected that are required for the provision of services and safety for all users. The provision of names, addresses and e-mail addresses  is to  protect the contracting party and facilitate communication with auto-deal.eu.

Personal information such as name, address and e-mail address will be forwarded by the provider to other users, if this is required for contract execution. To this end the user must give his express consent.


2. Data collection and processing when visiting the website

Auto-deal.eu automatically collects and stores in its server log files information that your browser sends. This is usually: browser type / version, operating system, referrer URL (the previously visited page), Host name of accessing computer (IP address), time of request .

This data is not assigned by us to specific individuals. A compilation of these data with other data sources does not take place. Temporary storage of this data is required in order to ensure the security and integrity of the page and to detect problems with the utilization of the page, or problems with certain browsers. Data will be deleted after a statistical analysis.


3. Cookies

The website often use so-called Cookies which help us to make our offer more user-friendly, more effectively and more safely. Cookies are little files which are stored on your computer. Most of the Cookies we use are so-called "Session-Cookies". They are deleted automatically from your computer once you end your session on our website. Cookies do not damage your computer and they do not contain any virus.  You can set your browser not to accept cookies. For more information refer to the user manual for your browser.


4. Social Plug-ins

This website provides the ability to recommend content on social networks. For this purpose so-called social plug-ins can be found on some or all pages. These are interfaces to Facebook.
The interfaces are disabled, so that when you visit the relevant pages no data is transmitted. With the activation of the buttons by clicking a connection is created to the respective service in that the service displays the plug-in in your browser.

By activating the buttons  your IP address may be sent to the service. If you have a user account with the relevant service and are logged in, through the use of social plugins data is transferred and stored by the respective services. Such data includes  e.g.  information that and when you accessed this page. This information is mapped to your existing account. You can prevent this by logging out at the respective service prior to this.
For privacy information of the respective services, please visit:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/about/privacy/

5. Right to access information

You always have right to access information on data stored concerning yourself, its origin and recipients as well as the purpose of its storage.


6. Web analysis using Piwik

Our Internet site uses Piwik. This is an open source software used for web analysis. The software Piwik uses so-called cookies. These are little text files which are stored on your computer and which your browser stores. Cookies are used to compile information on the use of the Internet site. Most of the cookies used by us are so called “session cookies“. They are deleted when you leave the site. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses. You can prevent cookies through changing the settings in your browser. You can find more detailed information on this in the browser user instructions. The information stored by cookies concerning the use of Internet sites is stored on the server of our provider and is used only for internal evaluation and are not made available to Third Parties. Immediately after processing and before storage your IP address is anonymized.


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